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Dual Training Programme
Unique Selling Points
Quality/ Standards
Mauritian products are moving up-market. To be in line with its customer’s exigency for quality, Mauritian companies ensure that the best quality control techniques are used throughout all the manufacturing stages so as to deliver products of best quality.

Moreover, most of our products meet international standards like: SA8000, WRAP, ISO 22000 & HACCP.
Price Competitiveness
Since last few years, Mauritius has outperformed China and other low-cost producers. Indeed, today Mauritius remains one of the best providers of high-quality products at reasonable prices in shorter lead time.
It is worthwhile noting the outstanding ability of our companies to adapt to changes, be it in terms of ability to improve production techniques and efficiency or ability to respond to changes in the environment so as to better meet the needs of its customers.
Mauritian companies are very sensitive to customers demand. The unarticulated needs of customers are uncovered following which products are created in line with market expectations.

Furthermore, most companies offer a customized design service facility so as to better respond to customer’s demand.
Sustainable development
As part of their strategy to grow responsibly, Mauritian companies are working toward a long-term environmental sustainability vision that includes:
  • Reduction in carbon emission
  • Powering their plants with renewable energy
  • Using renewable or recycled materials for all products and packaging
  • Designing products that delight consumers with sustainable innovations while maximizing the conservation of resources
Mauritius is also forecasting to become the first choice sustainable textile producer in the Sub-Saharan region.
Quick and efficient Delivery
Mauritius has far progressed in its lead time and offers quick and efficient delivery. This is a result of its flexible manufacturing systems coupled with good working relationships with the shipping and air freight companies.
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Dual Training Programme
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