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Dual Training Programme
Fashion & Design
Over the years, Mauritius has developed its own fashion & design industry with its flourishing pool of young, creative designers. We feel confident that our industry can rely on their savoir-faire to upgrade itself and better serve its client base.

Origin Africa “Fiber to Fashion” Event: Teaming Up with USAID to Promote Young Professionals and Students of Fashion & Design in Mauritius

MEXA teamed up with USAID Compete and Enterprise Mauritius to host the first edition of the Origin Africa “Fiber to Fashion” event in Mauritius from 16th – 17th March 2011. The Origin Africa concept was to showcase the best of textile, design, sourcing and accessories available in the region.

The Origin Africa event comprised of the Designer Showcase Competition which was held on 18th March 2011 and it involved three main categories:
  1. Young Professional
  2. Student
  3. Group of Students
The main objectives of the competition were to:
  • Identify the latent designer talent in the region, which has not been exposed due to lack of resources, contacts or opportunities, and to showcase the capacity and ability of these 20 designers to create and innovate, using raw materials and accessories from Africa.
  • Provide an opportunity for designers to work alongside industry in designing apparel with commercial appeal.
National Fashion & Design Competition
To select the best Mauritian designer to participate in the Origin Africa Designer Showcase, MEXA in partnership with Enterprise Mauritius organized a National Fashion & Design Competition on 25th February, 2011.

Aim of this competition:
  • To discover the local talents in the Fashion & Design sector
  • To upgrade the performance of the selected talents
  • Promoting and match-making the emerging talents with the Industry
Outstanding Performance of the Mauritian new talents:
All participants of the competition came out with rich experience and higher level of professionalism.

Indeed, the organizing Committee as well as the Jury Members expressed their satisfaction as to the outstanding performance of our young professionals and students.

The only message: “Origin Africa – An Experience to be Renewed”

Emilie Minator & Geraldine Marquet


Karen Deschambeaux, Pawan Seewooruttun & Elsa Tsia Hin Fong


Noorina Ackhar , Distee Maureaye, Danilo Sanasee & Jade Lan


Bhavna Shibchurn


Fabien Fauzou


Nawsheen Dullull


Nima Rawa


Nourina Niamut


Veenasha Jilloo


Arielle Brette


Leila Hossen


Mohun Basser


Samuel Yeung


Sanjeet Boolell


Sweety Ramlagun

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Dual Training Programme
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